The concept of BIM can be traced back to 1975, in a paper by professor Eastman, the building description system BDS, and later the term BIM was popularized by Autodesk companies.

So what is BIM? Building Information Modeling (Management)

Is the most easy to accept the explanation, McGraw-hill company for BIM definition: "to create and use digital model of the process of project design, construction and operation management", and, of course, also can include the alteration and dismantled.

The characteristics of BIM relative to traditional means:

1. Visualization-vision, process Visualization

2. Coordination-work is an industry feature focused, immediate and efficient

3. Simulation-includes performance, construction process Simulation, disaster Simulation, etc

4. Optimization-design, construction plan, operation management, remodeling and remodeling Optimization, make up for the deficiency of the human brain

5. Graphically-is not only a design drawing, analysis diagram, operation diagram, process simulation diagram, etc

6. Integrated-data management for the whole life period of integrated architecture

7. Parameterization-parameter control, correlation variables, a modification of all associated data automatic updates

8. completeness-contains the physical properties, functional properties, logical characteristics of information on all aspects